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26th annual congress of the DVSE 2019
St. Gallen | Schwitzerland - 14th 'til16th May 2019

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Examination techniques of the shoulder joint

Examination techniques of the elbow joint

All important tests explained in the following PDF.

Rehabilitation after rotator cuff repair

Under the direction of Dr. Frieder Mauch, the committee for rehabilitation has scientifically examined the current standards of rehabilitation after rotator cuff repair in the following two articles:

  • Jung et al., Rehabilitation after rotator cuff reconstruction (PDF download)
  • Gottfried et alk., Rehabilitation after rotator cuff reconstruction - implementation in the German health care system  (PDF download)

Certified training

Fortbildungsveranstaltung "Proximale Humerusfrakturen"

03.05.2021 (Monday)

Theorie: Frakturen: 6,0 Stunden

Praxis: Frakturversorgung Schulter/Ellenbogen: 5,5 Stunden

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F.A.M.E. Ormedicum - 13. Wissenschaftliche Akademie - Musculoskeletales Update 2021

13.05.2021 (Thursday)

Theorie: Schulter (Basis) 2,75 Stunden; Subakromialraum 2,5 Stunden; Glenohumeralgelenk 1 Stunde; Omarthrose 1,75 Stunden

Praxis: Offene und arthroskopische Schulterchirurgie 3,5 Stunden

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28. Unfallchirurgische Fachtagung

26.06.2021 (Saturday)

Theorie: Schulter (Basis) 1,25 Stunden; Subakromialraum 0,5 Stunden; Glenohumeralgelenk 0,5 Stunden; Omarthrose 0,5 Stunde; Frakturen 2,5 Stunden

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MRI meets Arthroscopy and Arthrolasty

02.07.2021 (Friday)

Theorie: Schulter (Basis): 3,75 Stunden; Subakromialraum: 0,25 Stunden; Glenohumeralgelenk: 0,75 Stunden; Omarthrose: 1,5 Stunden; Ellenbogen (Basis): 3,75 Stunden

Praxis: Offene und arthroskopische Schulterchirurgie: 3,0 Stunden; Endoprothetik Schulter: 3,0 Stunden

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Allgäuer Symposium Sportorthopädie

09.07.2021 (Friday)

Theorie: Ellenbogen (Basis): 0,25 Stunden ; Binnenstrukturen 1,5 Stunden ; Extrinsische Strukturen: 0,5 Stunden ; Kubitalarthrose: 0,5 Stunden ; Frakturen: 0,5 Stunden

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