Commission Young Forum

Larissa Eckl | Innsbruck

Vice Chair
Tobias Gruber | Innsbruck

All student members of DVSE. (As of 08/2023: 72 members)


The Young Forum, which was founded by students and has been student-led ever since, represents the interests of the student members of DVSE with the aim of learning and being involved in the methods of scientific work, teaching the clinical principles of shoulder and elbow surgery, and supporting its members in their career planning.

The Young Forum offers its members the opportunity to actively participate in DVSE, network with other dedicated students, residents, and experienced shoulder and elbow surgeons at an early age, participate in the Young Forum's own events, attend workshops, and participate in DVSE clinical and scientific projects.


  • Structured training concept
  • Establishment of regular courses and workshops
  • Student representation within DVSE
  • Mentoring by experienced shoulder and elbow surgeons
  • Opportunity to participate in shaping the society (e.g. participation in commissions)
  • Organization of an own session at the annual congress of the DVSE
  • Travel subsidies for observation and participation in courses
  • Promotion and support of scientific activities
  • Collaboration in own scientific studies


Current projects

Development of an advanced training concept with subdivision into 5 course modules:

  • Doctoral thesis - basics of scientific work
  • Evidence-based medicine
  • Clinical cross-section - the most common pathologies of the shoulder and elbow joint
  • Arthroscopy
  • Imaging of the shoulder and elbow

- Development of an own multicenter study
- Co-design of a regular issue of the journal "Upper Extremity
- Design of a student supplement of the journal "Upper Extremity

Commission reports and completed projects

Multicenter study on the level of knowledge of medical students in the field of "shoulder" before the internship year (2014)
Commission reports 2015-2018


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