How to become a committee member:

The DVSE consists of ten different committee. The maximum number of members per committee (apart from the Young Forum) is limited to 10 persons, the membership amounts three years. Applications may be sent directly to the chairman of the relevant committee:


Prizes and scholarships [Prof. Dr. med. Thilo Patzer]

Research und Development [Prof. Dr. med. Benedikt Schliemann]:

Conservative therapy [Dr. med Thomas Ambacher]

Guidelines and assessments [Prof. Dr. med. Maurice Balke]

Structural improvement, transparency & quality [Prof. Dr. med Ulrich Brunner]

Communication [Prof. Dr. med. Olaf Lorbach]

Further training | certificate [Prof. Dr. med. Ben Ockert]

Elbow [PD Dr. med. Klaus Burkhart]

Endoprosthesis registry [PD Dr. med. Jörn Kircher]

Rehabilitation [Prof. Dr. med. Knut Beitzel]

Young forum [Yacine Ameziane]

Residents [Dr. med Jonas Schmalzl]

D-A-CH-Commission [Prof. Dr. med. Bernhard Jost]


Please attach the following documents to your application:

  • Confirmation of DVSE membership
  • Clinical and scientific experience
  • National and international courses (active / passive)
  • Short CV including publications
  • Personal comment on motivation and contributory plan
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