Internal regulations for committees

  1. Commissions (working groups defined by the statute of the DVSE) are convened by the board.
  2. The objectives of the committees are set by the DVSE board of directors or prepared by the committees and then submitted to the Board for voting.
  3. The work objectives should be formulated in a written form.
  4. Each committee reports to the management board at least once a year about it's activities.
  5. The chairman of the Commission is therefore taking part in the meetings of the Enlarged Board.
  6. The objectives and activity reports of the committees are published annually in the bulletin
  7. Only ordinary DVSE members can be admitted to the committees.
  8. The chairman of the committee and his deputy shall be elected by the board, on a proposal from the members of the committee.
  9. The mandate is 3 years. Then the deputy chairman takes the chair. The chairman may then remain in the committee for another three years.
  10. The following deputy chairman is to be proposed by the committee members and must be elected by the DVSE Board.
  11. The mandate of the committee members is also three years.
  12. The number of committee members is limited from 6 to a maximum of 10.
  13. Every DVSE member can apply for a commission seat. Applications must be submitted in written form to the president of the DVSE. The latter will continue to submit the application to the committee's presidents.
  14. Newly vacant seats are reported to the president by the president of the committee.
  15. The notification of vacant seats shall be published three months before the annual congress in the bulletin and on the homepage.
  16. The composition of the committees is reported by the chairman to the DVSE registry and published on the website.
  17. A committee members can be excluded if there is no presence or activity at the committee meetings.
  18. The committee may also include other members to accomplish it's the tasks without being automatically members of the committee.
  19. The committees meet for work meetings or use new media. There should be a meeting of the committee once a year.
  20. The roon leasing within the framework of the DVSE annual congress should be payed by the congress budget.
  21. Travel expenses are not being payed.
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