Commission Conservative Therapy

Dr. Thomas Ambacher | Stuttgart

Vice Chair
Dr. Tim Leschinger | Cologne


Dr. Elisabeth Böhm | Munich
Dr. Stefanie Geyer | Pfronten
Prof. Nael Hawi | Hannover
Dr. Alexaner Henze | Ulm/Biberach
Dr. Michael Kimmeyer | Karlsruhe
Fabian Lanzerath | Cologne
Philipp Piroth | Cologne
Prof. Christoph Schmitz | Munich
Peter Stiller | Augsburg



In order to do justice to the comprehensive treatment of injuries and diseases of the shoulder and elbow joint, the CONSERVATIVE THERAPY commission was founded. The working group is to be gradually expanded to up to 10 members in order to be able to competently cover all essential aspects and sub-areas of conservative therapy.

A large proportion of patients with shoulder and elbow complaints are not treated in clinics but in increasingly specialized practice facilities. In particular, wear-related disorders with chronic painful courses are the domain of non-operative treatment. At our previous meetings the focus was on surgical measures, conservative therapy was rather underrepresented.

The aim of the CONSERVATIVE THERAPY Commission is to present the whole range of conservative methods on a scientifically sound basis with the development of recommendations and guidelines. The commission focuses on the following goals and contents:

  • Scientific data and study situation, scientific basis for different conservative therapy measures including local and systemic drug therapy
  • Elaboration of differential indications to different conservative treatments, treatment pathways
  • Development of recommendations and guidelines for systematic conservative therapy for typical shoulder and elbow disorders
  • Differential indication of conservative and operative therapy with special consideration of patient-specific factors
  • Presentation of the treatment of functional chains
  • User videos to guide injection treatments, shock wave therapy, EMG diagnostics and therapy
  • Presentation and elaboration of significant psychosocial, hormonal, immunological and psychosomatic factors
  • Importance and techniques of patient-centered interviewing
  • Clinical studies and basic research on conservative therapy
  • In the course of the next months, we will increasingly post content and offers for courses and workshops on the DVSE homepage and expand the working group. Everybody interested in the topic is invited to participate

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