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The mission of the German, Austrian and Swiss Shoulder and Elbow Society r. A. is to support the ethical practice of evidence-based, high-quality and cost-transparent medicine in its field.

The purpose of the association is to promote science in the field of diseases and injuries of the shoulder and elbow joint in research, teaching and patient care, including rehabilitation for these diseases.

The 29th DVSE Annual Congress will take place from 15 to 17 May 2024 as an in-person event in Düsseldorf.
Further information will be available shortly on the congress website at www.dvse-kongress.de

30 Jahre DVSE

12. to 14. December 2024
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Certified Institutions

Click here for a list of DVSE institutions that have already been certified.

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Here you can see the list of upcoming certified courses of DVSE.

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Here you have the possibility to search for our certified members

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If you would like to become a member of DVSE or a member of the Young Forumm please click here

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Our thematic areas

Examination techniques

Based on a literature analysis, the most important examination techniques of the shoulder and elbow were analyzed by expert committees and current and recommendable tests were compiled in an overview. All tests are explained in detail in the image and some also by video.

DVSE Annual Congress

The 29th DVSE Annual Congress will be held in Duesseldorf from June 15 to 17 May, 2024.


DVSE offers a variety of scientific prizes and enables its members to receive national and international travel grants. Prizes and scholarships for 2022 will be awarded at the annual congress.

Find a shoulder and elbow surgeon

Colleagues and patients have the opportunity to find DVSE certified shoulder and elbow surgeons here.

Find a member

Colleagues and patients can find members of the D-A-CH Association for Shoulder and Elbow Surgery by name or location.

Young Forum

The Young Forum of the DVSE is an association of students interested in shoulder and elbow surgery from the D-A-CH region. It was founded in 2010 by dedicated students and has been student-led since then.

Residents of the DVSE

The Resident Physicians Forum was established in October 2016 to provide a link between the Young Forum and board-certified shoulder and elbow surgeons, as well as to establish an advocacy group for resident physicians within DVSE.

Sponsoring partners of the DVSE

Here you will find a list of the sponsoring partners of the D-A-CH Association for Shoulder and Elbow Surgery.

Imaging shoulder/elbow

A special issue of OBEX on the topic of imaging in shoulder and elbow surgery was prepared by an expert committee of DVSE, which you can download here:


Current Dates of DVSE

4. Zukunftswerkstatt


Basiscurriculum: Modul 1 (Grundlagen operativer und konservativer Techniken an Schulter und Ellenbogen): 1 | Modul 3 (Verletzungen des Schulter- / Ellenbogengelenks): 2,5 | Modul 4 (Fehlstellungen & Frakturfolgezustände des Schulter- / Ellenbogengelenks): 2,5

Expertencurriculum: Modul Ia (Theorie: Fortgeschrittene operative Techniken): 2,25



Ellenbogen- Operationskurs

City: Rostock


Basiscurriculum: Modul 1: 3,5 | Modul 2: 1| Modul 3: 0,75 | Modul 4: 1,5 | Modul 6: 1,5

Expertencurriculum: Ia: 1 | Modul Ib: 4,25



Allgäuer Symposium Sportorthopädie 2024

City: Pfronten/Allgäu


Basiscurriculum: Modul 1: 0,5 | Modul 2: 1 | Modul 3: 1 | Modul 4: 1



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