Forum for residents

The Forum for Residents of the DVSE was established as a platform for medical doctors, who have finished their medical school and are now on their way to becoming a specialist in shoulder and elbow surgery. The aim is to provide a continuing education and professional development from the Young Forum to becoming a shoulder and elbow surgeon certified by the DVSE
A structured educational program providing all the relevant knowledge for becoming a medical specialist in orthopaedic and trauma surgery with emphasis on shoulder and elbow surgery gives guidance for young medical doctors, who found their passion in this subspecialty. The forum also enables interns and residents to represent their interests to the national society and serves as a networking platform.
Cooperation and exchange programs will be developed to give residents the opportunity to experience the wide range of shoulder and elbow surgery and to encourage future research perspectives.

Aims and benefits:

  • Structured educational program
  • Establishment of workshops and courses
  • Mentoring for specialisation in shoulder and elbow surgery
  • Possibility and encouragement to participate in policy of the national society
  • Own meeting at the annual national congress
  • Exchange and cooperation programs
  • Support and encouragement for scientific work

Become a member:

If you are interested in participating in the Forum for Residents, become a member of the DVSE – the most influential German society for education in shoulder and elbow surgery.
For further questions please contact:

Dr. med. Jonas Schmalzl
University Hospital Wuerzburg
Department for trauma, hand, plastic and reconstructive surgery
Oberduerrbacher Str. 6
97080 Würzburg


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