Shoulder and Elbow Replacement Registry

Chair . Dr. med. Petra Magosch | Heidelberg/München
Vice Chair . PD Dr. med. Klaus Burkhart | Pforzheim

Dr. med. Dorota Böhm | Würzburg
Dr. med. Jörn Kircher | Hamburg
PD Dr. med. Frieder Mauch | Stuttgart
Prof. Dr. med. Lars Peter Müller | Köln
Dr. med. Bastian Scheiderer | München
PD Dr. med. Kilian Wegmann | Köln
Dr. med. Birgit Werner | Bad Neustadt


Current Status 

The endoprosthesis registry for shoulders currently includes 5767 primary implantations and 830 revisions. The endoprosthesis registry for elbows includes 120 primary implantations of radial head and total elbow endoprosthesis and 30 revisions. For both registries, a primary data collection sheet was not always applied for each revision procedure, meaning that the ratio does not represent the revision rate.

Improvement of the Registry

Product Database
In 2016, a product database was set up for the correct documentation of implants. Every single component of the implants of Tornier/Wright, Lima, Arthrex and Zimmer/Biomet can be documented separately. At present, work is in progress to simplify implant documentation by barcode scanning.
At this point, the original prosthesis catalogue for selecting the implant is still used.

Improvement of Data Quality

Since December 2016, in order to improve the plausibility, completeness and accuracy of the data entered in the SEPR, the Commission has been conducting a personal check of all completed forms in the registry. All forms up to October 2017 (1964 forms) were checked. If problems occurred, the forms were returned to the originators so that the data could be corrected. Most frequent problems were the documentation of the Constant score ( measurement of strength in abduction < 90° was carried out and documented. By definition, the strength for active abduction < 90° is entered with 0 points). Other problems were that the "glenoid structure for hemiprosthesis" was also filled in for total prosthesis. However, the classification of the prosthesis design causes problems. Furthermore, the implant was incompletely documented when using the product database.


Since 2015, SEPR has been funded exclusively by DVSE.


Annual reporting / cooperation with EPRD / cartilage registry / DART Freiburg
optimization and simplification of data entry

Heidelberg, October 28th, 2017

Dr. Petra Magosch PD | Dr. Klaus Burkhart
Chairwoman | Chairman