Elbow Fellowship

The D-A-CH Association of Shoulder and Elbow surgery (DVSE), section of the German society for orthopedics and orthopaedic surgery (DGOOC) and of the German society for orthopedics and trauma surgery (DGOU) awards an Elbow Fellowship. The fellowship includes a continuous 5-week stay at the Upper Limb Centre (Western University) in London Ontario, Canada with Prof. Graham King. The fellow will participate as an observer in the operating theatre with Prof. Graham King, as well as with his partners Prof. Kenneth Faber and Dr. George Athwal, in the out-patient clinic, ward rounds and daily clinical conferences. The fellow should present an elbow-specific lecture in the weekly scientific conference. In cooperation with Prof. Graham King and the elbow committee of the DVSE a scientific project is developed. The fellowship is sponsored by Tornier with a total amount of

€ 3.000,-

Applicants have to be members of the DVSE and have to be younger than 40 years of age. A pronounced interest in pathologies and therapies of the elbow joint as well as proof of scientific work in the field of elbow surgery is required. The Western University in London Ontario, halfway between Toronto and Detroit, is one of the leading Canadian universities. Prof. Graham King is counted as one of the leading experts of elbow surgery worldwide and is developer of osteosynthetic and endoprothetic implants for the treatment of elbow pathologies. Major focus of his work are ligamentous injuries of the elbow, (navigated) elbow endoprosthesis as well as traumatic injuries to the radial head.

The application (including CV, proof of clinical and scientific activities and achievements, letter of motivation) is to be send until February 28 to:


The prize is awarded at the annual congress.

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