Commission Elbow

Prof. Dr. med. Stefan Greiner | Regensburg

Vice Chair
PD Dr. med. Michael Hackl | Cologne

Dr. med. Dirk Maier | Freiburg
Prof. Dr. med. univ. Rupert Meller | Hannover
Prof. Dr. med. Marc Schnetzke | Ludwigshafen
Dr. med. Christian Schoch | Pfronten
Prof. Dr. med. Dominik Seybold | Duesseldorf
PD Dr. med. Sebastian Siebenlist | Munich
Dr. med. Valentin Rausch | Bochum

Tasks and Objectives

The diversified treatment of the elbow encounters an ongoing high level of interest in Germany. Due to an improved understanding of the pathomechanisms, especially of instabilities, and of the anatomy of the elbow, and the resulting improved surgical techniques, we are currently able to treat elbow diseases more and more effectively. A significant increase in elbow surgery courses reflects this in Germany. Within Europe we have a special position here, which we also want to further expand.
Parallel to improved training of our members, the commission has initiated and accompanied an enormous number of retrospective, but also high-quality prospective, partly randomized studies. In the last three years we have included close to 600 patients! This is particularly important to ensure that we constantly review and optimize our decision-making processes (conservative or surgical) and also surgical techniques. Since there is still a lot of room for objective data in the field of elbow surgery, this should remain a focus of our very active group.

The following studies have already been completed and published

  1. Prospective randomized controlled trial in the treatment of lateral epicondylitis with a new dynamic wrist orthosis
    Nowotny et al.
    Eur J Med Res. 2018 Sep 15;23(1):43.

  2. Surgical revision of radial head fractures: a multicenter retrospective analysis of 466 cases.
    Hackl et al.
    J Shoulder Elbow Surg. 2019 Aug;28(8):1457-1467.

The following studies are currently ongoing.

  1. Core Outcome Measure (COS) for elbow disorders (Kopkow/Kasten).
  2. Rehabilitation of elbow arthrolysis (Schoch/Schneider): approximately 100 questionnaires, analysis done. Paper in progress. Publication in OBEX, thematic issue "Rehabilitation" planned.
  3. Snapping Triceps (Thiele)
  4. Complications after distal humerus fracture (Greiner, Mütze, Ellwein)
  5. Revisions after LUCL-plasty (Lappen, Siebenlist)
  6. Hands-out Epicondylopathy (Greiner, Burkhart)

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Klaus Burkhart


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