Commission Training | Certificate

Prof. Dr. med. Ben Ockert I Munich

Vice Chair
PD Dr. med. Lucca Lacheta | Munich


Prof. Dr. med. Felix Zeifang | Heidelberg
Dr. med. Evi Fleischhacker | Munich
Dr. med. Matthias Bülhoff | Heidelberg
PD Dr. med. Sascha Goebel | Volkach
PD Dr. med. Robert Hudek | Hamburg
Dr. med. Veit Winkelbach | Fulda


Evaluation of courses; further development and promotion of the certificate; development and promotion of independent DVSE courses; development of training materials; organization of symposia and courses in the context of the annual meetings of the cooperating National Societies; implementation and extension of the "online tool" for web-assisted application for the DVSE certificate.


Prof. Dr. med. Ben Ockert ( )

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