If you wish to become a member of the DVSE or a member of the Young Forum, please proceed as follows:

  • download the appropriate application form
  • complete the form (if possible) completely
  • send the completed form by mail to the member administration of Intercongress GmbH.

Membership contributions

The annual membership fees of the DVSE have been graded as follows from January 1st 2014:

  • specialists 150 Euro
  • residents 120 Euro
  • students 10 euros


Here you can find the application form for the regular membership and the membership of the Young Forum.

Please send or fax the completed form to:

Intercongress GmbH
DVSE e.V. - Mitgliederverwaltung
Karlsruher Straße 3
79108 Freiburg

Tel. +49 (0)761 69699-28
Fax +49 (0)761 69699-11