Commission Rehabilitation

Prof. Dr. med. Knut Beitzel | Munich

Vice Chair
PD Dr. med. Stefan Buchmann | Weilheim

PD Dr. med. Florian Haasters | Munich
Dr. med. Verena Rentschler | Karlsruhe
Dr. med. Christian Schoch | Pfronten
PD Dr. med. Marco Schneider | Aachen
Dr. med. Philipp Hagedorn | Muenster
Dr. med. Stefan Bauer | Morges
Dr. med. Julia Bockmeyer | Luzern


The commission develops therapy guidelines for the rehabilitation and prevention of shoulder and elbow disorders. As systematically developed decision support and therapy content for health care providers and patients, these guidelines are intended to contribute to the appropriate approach to specific health problems of the shoulder and elbow joint. As recommendations for action, they can contribute to rehabilitation and prevention in the sense of aiding decision-making. The development and consensus of the therapy guidelines is carried out in collaboration with the Rehabilitation - Physical Therapy Section of the DGOU, the German Association for Physical Therapy (ZVK) and the Association for Physical Therapy (VPT).


Prof. Dr. med. Knut Beitzel
ATOS Klinik Köln
Aachener Str. 1021B, 50858 Köln
Tel: +49 221 4849050

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