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Who we are

Dear colleagues

the D-A-CH Association for Shoulder and Elbow Surgery E.V. (DVSE) represents the most important professional society for training in shoulder and elbow surgery.

The DVSE Residents' Forum forms the link in the training period to become a specialist in orthopaedic and trauma surgery between students (Young Forum) and becoming a certified shoulder and elbow surgeon.

Through a structured continuing education concept, taking into account the current education ordinance, all knowledge relevant to the specialist should be imparted.

In addition, the Forum for Residents aims to represent the interests of residents within the society and to support scientific activity.

With the help of exchange programs, the Forum for Residents should contribute to covering the broadest possible clinical spectrum of shoulder and elbow surgery during the training period.


  • Representation of interests for residents within the DVSE
  • Organization of an own session at the annual congress of the DVSE
  • Integration of training assistants into the professional society
  • Active participation of motivated assistants in commissions
  • ctive exchange of opinions among residents

Structured training concept

  • Consideration of the current education ordinance
  • Exchange and cooperation programs to expand the clinical spectrum through training at different centers
  • Establishment of regular courses and workshops

Main focus

  • Anatomy and biomechanics
  • Diagnostics and indication
  • Constervative therapy
  • Surgical therapy and follow-up treatment


  • Certified advanced training within the framework of a 6-stage module system
  • Exchange of experience with experienced surgeons
  • Promotion and support of scientific activities
  • Reduced costs for the annual membership fee
  • Journal "Upper Extremity" included in the membership fee
  • Newsletter with current information

Module system

A structured continuing education concept has been established, taking into account the current continuing education ordinance, within the framework of which all knowledge relevant to the specialist is to be imparted.The first rotation was completed in 2021 with great success and active participation. The module system can be credited for certification as a shoulder and elbow surgeon and is repeated every 3 years.

The second rotation started in June 2022 with Module A in Karlsruhe. The report with some impressions can be found below under Module A.

The DVSE Residents's Summit Module B with the topic "Basic Surgical Skills" will take place from 30.09. to 01.10.22 in Munich.

Registrations can be made at

The module system includes the following modules:

Module A - Clinical and Scientific Basics.

Module B – Surgical Basics

Module C – Traumatology

Module D – Degenerative diseases and soft tissue pathologies

Module E – Instability

Module F – Children, Complications, Tumors and Rheumatism

Future Workshop

Together with the Young Forum, the concept of the DVSE Future Workshop was created to identify open questions in shoulder and elbow surgery in the context of expert presentations and to discuss unsolved problems together in the subsequent dialogue.

Nevertheless, the event is aimed at all DVSE members who want to get an overview of the status quo in the treatment of diseases and injuries of the shoulder and elbow, but especially at those of you who are looking for suggestions, approaches to solutions and assistance with scientific questions in the context of your research activities. Another goal is to identify core competences and strategic orientations of different research groups, to discover synergistic effects and furthermore to initiate multicenter cooperation projects under the auspices of the DVSE.

In May 2022, the second Future Workshop was held in Hanover; you can find the report on the event here.
For 2023, the third edition of the "Future Workshop" is already being planned, here the focus will be on the elbow. Further information will follow.

Registrations can be made at


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