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The DVSE as scientific society and section of the German Society for Orthopaedics and Orthopaedic Surgery (DGOOC) provides optional training for specialists with focus on “shoulder and elbow surgery” as well as “elbow surgery”. The aim is to structure and standardize the training in order to achieve an improvement of theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the treatment of diseases and injuries of the shoulder and the elbow.

The training curriculum is based on the system of the DVSE patronage for events in the field of shoulder and elbow surgery and elbow surgery. Goal is to offer a structured training in the field of shoulder and elbow surgery and elbow surgery in order to be able to certify this. Basis of the curriculum are thematically defined modules. For each module, minimum hours for theoretical (lectures, live surgeries ...) and practical training (workshops) are specified.

Collaboration with the AGA and the SECEC regarding to mutual recognition and complementation of the training events which are carried out under the patronage of these societies is sought. The training guidelines will continue to be adapted to the training content in "Special Orthopedics". The total number of hours (100 for shoulder and elbow surgery/38 for elbow surgery) can be achieved by participating in several courses. In addition, a practical training through an instructor of the DVSE over 10 days for shoulder and elbow surgery/5 days for elbow surgery is required.

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