Fellowship DVSE SLAHOC

Fellowship DVSE-SLAHOC

The Fellowship was founded and started in 2011 by Christoph U. Schulz (DVSE/SECEC) and Daniel Moya (AAHC/SLAHOC).
Since 2014, it has officially been established under the patronage of the DVSE.
The Fellowship is supported by Tornier/Wright with

3000.- Euro

for each fellow.

The fellows will be selected at the SLAHOC congress, whereby only the awarded two best presentations can win a fellowship. All hosts, experienced shoulder surgeons and members of the DVSE, practice in Southern Germany and the Alpine region, which keeps travel costs and travel times low. It also makes it easier to get to know the local people and environment.
The fellows will get the chance to present their awarded research at a symposium at one of the two Munich universities (TUM or LMU).

Aim of the Fellowship is a closer cooperation of German-speaking and Latin American specialists of shoulder and elbow surgery
as well as the reinforcement of common German-speaking and Latin-American congresses.
For the future we want to establish a DVSE-SLAHOC fellowship for DVSE members. This bilateral fellowship allows also DVSE members to exchange experiences.

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