Current DVSE Congress

26th annual congress of the DVSE 2019
16th 'til 18th May 2019 | St. Gallen | Switzerland

Prof. Dr. med Bernhard Jost | Prof. Dr. med Matthias A. Zumstein
Prof. Dr. med. Bernhard Jost | Prof. Dr. med. Matthias A. Zumstein

Dear colleagues, friends, members and guests of the DVSE,

the Congress of the German Shoulder and Elbow Society (DVSE e.V.) has existed now for over a quarter of a century. For the 26th Annual Congress of the DVSE from May 16th to 18th 2019. We would like to invite you to beautiful East-Switzerland with its UNESCO World Heritage of the Abbey Library of St. Gallen for the 26th Annual Congress of the German Association of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery (DVSE).

We are very pleased to present an excellent international faculty: Prof. Bernard Morrey (USA), Prof. Joe Iannotti (USA), Dr. med. Philippe Collin (France), Dr. Philippe Valenti (France), Prof. Raul Barco (Spain) and PD Dr. med. Franz Kralinger (Austria). This wildly acclaimed faculty is in keeping with the high scientific standards we have gotten used to from the DVSE.

In addition to interesting primary subjects, exciting ICLs that take up current problems in shoulder and elbow surgery are waiting for you.

This congress will focus on decision making and the therapy of both frequent and rare injuries and pathologies of the shoulder and the elbow.

Additionally, we will be discussing key questions like:
Should the proximal humerus fracture be surgically treated or not? If surgery is performed, in which way does it have to be operated?
How are biology and age involved?
What is the status of therapy options for rotator cuff tears?
Is the reverse shoulder arthroplasty a cure-all for a difficult revision?
Which is the best strategy for the treatment of complex elbow fractures? Can these also be treated in minimally invasive ways?
What is the significance of multiplanar corrective osteotomies?

We would like to answer these questions in terms of both outcomes and socio-economic points of view.

We are convinced that we will get new insights and go through exciting discussions at St. Gallen.

Nothing will come up short in St. Gallen – just don’t eat the traditional St. Gallen Bratwurst with mustard.
That’s a no-go!

We’re looking forward to welcome you in Switzerland!

Yours truly,

Prof. Dr. med. Bernhard Jost und Prof. Dr. med. Matthias A. Zumstein