Presidental letter 2 | 2022

Dear members
We are starting the summer months with a series of face-to-face events in which, in addition to professional training, a personal exchange can finally take place again.

On May 20, the AO Trauma DVSE Shoulder Surgery Course will take place in Berlin. On June 30 and July 1, the AE DVSE Basic Course and the AE DVSE Master Course Shoulder and Elbow Endoprosthetics will be held in Berlin.

In particular, the cross-society course formats give us the opportunity to experience a broad professional and personal exchange. Both courses in cooperation with AO and AE have established themselves in recent years as an integral part of our continuing education landscape and now also take an important position with regard to the certifications for the master certificate. The first master certificates have already been applied for, positively reviewed and are now being sent out.

On June 24 and 25, we will catch up with the DVSE Residents' Summit in Karlsruhe. However, the continuing education concept, which is structured especially for residents, also gives all other members of our specialist societies and interested colleagues a good opportunity to experience structured continuing education in the field of shoulder and elbow surgery.

Our annual congress will take place in Munich from July 20 to 22. We are all happy to finally be able to hold our annual congress again in the usual way.
Our new homepage is online now. The implementation of a new and modern structure involved a lot of work. I would like to especially thank our webmaster PD Dr. Dirk Böhm and Dr. Jonas Schmalzl for their truly impressive efforts to drive this major project forward.

Much of the content and processes of the new homepage, including the new certification page, will certainly - and I think this is somewhat normal - not work perfectly at first. We are grateful for any constructive feedback to improve the system. To be able to implement your feedback, criticism and suggestions even better in the future, our office in Berlin will also be expanded. The office, like so many other structures, has been extremely affected by absences due to illness in recent weeks and months. It is important to all of us to establish a reliable and permanent contact for your concerns.
As usual, the newsletter will provide you with detailed information on all these points.

I wish you the necessary strength, calm and balance in these troubled times.

The informal exchange with your colleagues and friends is possible again - take the opportunity to do so.


Prof. Dr. med. L. J. Lehmann
Präsident DVSE e.V.

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