Presidential letter

Prof. Dr. med. L. J. Lehmann
Prof. Dr. med. L. J. Lehmann

Dear members,

The Future Workshop 2021 was not only a new format for all participants but first and foremost a great success. Prepared and organized by our Young Board and the Board for Resident Doctors, the Future Workshop lived up to its name in many respects. Shaped and enlivened by our future generation of shoulder and elbow surgeons, the problems and questions still open in the future of shoulder and elbow surgery were also addressed and discussed in an exceptionally open, friendly and pleasant manner. It is intended that the Future Workshop will become a permanent part of our annual DVSE events and will be built upon each other.

The current development of the corona situation and all modeling results show a scenario for the fall and late fall, which at least massively hinder the implementation of large attendance congresses with associated travel or make them seem impracticable. Already the AGA congress planned for September in Hamburg could not be held there under the current hygiene regulations and had to be moved to Innsbruck at short notice. Our annual congress in November will therefore also be postponed to summer 2022. The contributions already submitted will be able to be presented in a virtual conference in the fall, as was the case last year This situation has also forced us to temporarily abandon the old and cherished tradition and hold our ordinary general meeting as part of the Future Workshop. In terms of content, the focus was particularly on our institute and personal certifications. In line with other organ-specific professional societies and in view of the requirements of the efforts to establish a separate additional training program for shoulder and elbow surgery, which is now also laid down in our statutes, our personal certification was expanded to include a basic and master certificate. The basic certificate corresponds basically to the personal certificate with which you are familiar, while the master certificate has been expanded to include OR numbers, an additional continuing education period, and continuing education courses. The exact contents as well as the transitional regulations will be communicated to you in a separate mail and at the next general meeting. Many thanks to Prof. Dr. Felix Zeifang and PD Dr. Kilian Wegmann for their hard work in this project.

Our institute certification is also gaining momentum. In the meantime, 13 centers, clinics and practices have been certified by ClarCert in accordance with the DVSE. In this regard, too, it was important for us to emphasize that this is a dynamic and learning system. The Certification Commission has therefore regularly made changes to the requirements. Most recently, financial accessibility was also significantly improved in discussions with ClarCert. The elimination of the annual surveillance audits and the extension to 5 years until re-certification for the practices lead to a significant cost saving. Therefore, I can only warmly motivate all of you to get yourself and your facility certified.

The entry of our shoulder and elbow prostheses in the Shoulder and Elbow Prosthesis Register will play an increasingly important role in the future. The legal obligations to enter prosthesis data are gradually being rolled out and will also affect the shoulder and elbow joint in the future. In order to be well positioned with our shoulder and elbow prosthesis register and to further determine the fate and structures, it is necessary to significantly increase the input quantity. To this end, under the leadership of PD Dr. Jörn Kircher, we have once again significantly simplified both the input mask and the content. In the future, DVSE endoprosthesis seals will be awarded for entries in the shoulder and elbow prosthesis register. In the future, DVSE will award an endoprosthesis certificate, also accredited by Clarcert, according to the number of cases and qualifications.

Finally, I would like to inform you about some personnel changes in the board structure of DVSE. Prof. Dr. Patrick Raiss is leaving after 6 years as secretary. We thank him very much for his very professional and amicable work in the board. Prof. Dr. Philipp Kasten from Tübingen was appointed as his successor at the general meeting.

As already determined at the previous General Assembly last year, the Executive Board was expanded to include the position of Secretary General due to the steadily growing number of members but also the steadily growing demands and fields of work. At the Future Workshop, we were able to elect our retired President Prof. Dr. Markus Scheibel as the new Secretary General. For me, this election is trend-setting for stability and constancy in the board work of DVSE, especially considering the now shortened terms of office in the board. In his new function and as DGOOC President 2024, Prof. Scheibel will continue to advance the interests of DVSE within our parent organization and the DGOU. In line with the DGOOC and the DGU, the position of senator from the ranks of the senior presidents was included in the statutes during the general meeting and Prof. Dr. Ulrich Brunner was elected as senator of the DVSE for the next term of office. Prof. Brunner has already proven his supportiveness and tireless commitment to the DVSE in the past years as past president with permanent presence and is irreplaceable for the current leadership of the association.

Prof. Dr. Felix Zeifang was proposed as my successor in the office of the 1st Vice President and was elected by the General Assembly.

And with that, I may end my first presidential note. Please stay in contact with us and participate actively in our scientific and health policy activities.


Prof. Dr. med. L. J. Lehmann
President DVSE e.V.