Prof. Dr. Ulrich Brunner
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Brunner

Dear members and friends,

Is it the same feeling for you? The constant ups and downs in the discussion about Corona and the corresponding measures are tiring. We see the "experiments" with complete relaxation in England or the Olympics in Tokyo with a lot of testing but no crowds. And in Europe, the summer is much less relaxed than last year, although travel activity in the country is particularly strong. Here, the discussion about mandatory vaccination and freedom from testing, about personal responsibility and government paternalism dominates the media. We are looking ahead with concern as to how the development will be in the fall and must responsibly adapt our activities to a possible future scenario for you and our association.
All other professional societies are affected in the same way. The AGA is trying to hold its congress at the beginning of September by relocating it to Innsbruck with fewer requirements and thus to save it as an attendance congress. The shoulder course in Annecy with live operations or the Munich Sports Imaging Days of the skeletal radiologists in October have already been completely cancelled.

So will we be able to hold our annual congress in Munich in November? The congress presidents report on the current status of decisions.

Against this background, it was only reasonable and necessary to combine the Future Workshop in Berlin as the first face-to-face event of the DSVE this year with an ordinary general meeting also in face-to-face mode.

The Future Workshop is an excellent format that stands for the development of DVSE as a scientific society. Organized by the Young Board and the Residents' Board, the event was an excellent success in a friendly atmosphere. The presentation of important topics and open questions by experts seconded by "godfathers" from the field of the organizers encouraged intensive discussions and also led to concrete suggestions and agreements for the next steps. The format is emblematic for the stimulation and exchange between the experienced and the young and thus for the development also in the DVSE. Dr. Marvin Minkus and Malik Jessen report.

The important and forward-looking decisions on the further development from the basic to the master certificate will be presented by PD Dr. Kilian Wegmann and Prof. Dr. Felix Zeifang.

The new concept of prosthesis certification will also be presented. After simplification of the input masks and streamlining of the contents in the prosthesis register under the direction of PD Dr. Jörn Kircher, a new prosthesis certificate in 3 levels will make the input activity into the register as a quality indicator also visible to the outside. The commission structure and quality informs you about the concept.

And last but not least, Dr. Tobias Weimer has his say in the legal ticker with important legal questions.

I am therefore particularly pleased to be able to present in this newsletter not only numerous activities of the organs of DVSE but also, as I believe, very important and forward-looking projects and their progress.

I hope you enjoy reading this newsletter and hope to meet you personally in autumn.



Prof. Dr. Ulrich Brunner
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