PD Dr. med. Manfred Pfahler

Bringing together like-minded people, regardless to their origin, is the basic idea of the DVSE. From the beginning, trauma and orthopaedic surgeons were united in our association. The DVSE is a community of German-speaking shoulder and elbow surgeons to promote quality of research, teaching and patient care including rehabilitation.

Already at the founding event, international guests like Chris Jobe (USA) and Herbert Resch (Austria) were invited and welcomed to our association. Therefore, it is no surprise that this year the annual meeting is firstly taking place in a German-speaking foreign country.

The 26th annual meeting will be held from the 16th to the 18th May 2019 in St. Gallen, Switzerland.

The congress presidents, Prof. Bernhard Jost and Prof. Matthias Zumstein, are going to be hosts of a top-class event with many international guests. Their great involvement and reputation in our society is widely known and we are sure that a successful, interesting and creditable congress is going take place in Switzerland.

The DVSE is also part of the European Society of shoulder and elbow surgery – SECEC. That´s also shown by the high number of former SECEC-presidents, SECEC-board members and commissioners of the DVSE as well as former annual meetings of the SECEC that took place in Germany.

Further international activities of the DVSE are different fellowships for surgeons from Asian and South American countries.

A special connection has always been our friendship with the South American society of shoulder and elbow surgery (SLAHOC) and especially with the Argentinian association.

This year the 14th International Congress of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery, ICSES, will be held from September 17th to 20th in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 11 members of the DVSE are representing the German society in the international scientific committee. Moreover, after Mendoza and Cologne the third German-Argentinian congress for shoulder and elbow surgery is part of the ICSES. On September 17th this meeting will be held in a separate session. The congress presidents Daniel Moja and Gaston Maignon as well as DVSE’s president Markus Scheibel invite every interested member to join this event in Buenos Aires.

It´s going to be an exciting and eventful year.

Manfred Pfahler, Munich