Dear members, dear friends,

Every day we read and hear statistics about the number of new infections, the basic reproduction number, or about the number of existing and already occupied ICU capacities, i.e. about the now again massively increasing covid infection wave. At the same time, we also read and hear about anti-corona demonstrations and so-called "lateral thinkers". The motivation for this ranges from protest against the interventions with restrictions on freedoms to the denial of the dangerousness of the Sars coV 2 infection or conspiracy theories. All of us who work in medical office’s and clinics as physicians or nurses are already experiencing again, as in spring during the first wave and the first lockdown, the conflict between external regulation to ensure the care of our patients, hygiene requirements, the care of patients with Sars coV 2 infection and thus also regulatory intervention in the care of "elective" patients. This always involves an ethical consideration which illness and therapy can be "postponed". The current general orders are more liberal in Stage 1 than in spring and transfer the decision-making responsibility to the local level - we have learned here. Nevertheless, even in the current "partial" lockdown, there are clear interventions in the personal freedom of the individual; after all, the government also regulates contact restrictions in the private sector. Did we trigger this second wave in summer with almost regained normality, with regular school, vacations, travel and parties; did we overshoot the mark with the freedom of the individual?

Our expectations that we would be able to set an example in fall and hold our congress in Düsseldorf under the best hygiene conditions have been dashed. We have to do the best we can and make use of digital media. Our contribution on the digitalO&U2020, shoulder prosthetics relive, was reached over 5000 clicks Our DVSE-live series along with the OBEX themed booklets have been well accepted - even though they cannot replace face-to-face meetings. The AE/DVSE course in Berlin could still be held in hybrid mode, but the AO/DVSE course has been postponed to spring as a virtual event. The current DVSE@home congress was a great success.

In order to be able to include the report and the latest information in this issue, the publication date has been delayed. Due to the pandemic, unfortunately, no travel report can be published - but we want to motivate you to apply for our prizes, which will also be awarded during the pandemic. This time we want to highlight the activities of the Commission "Guidelines and Evaluation" of the DVSE with its chairman Marc Banerjee, who has done outstanding work over the years - usually without much general attention. We also inform you about the status of our certification system. And finally, our "judicial ticker" also deals with the topic of hygiene.

Enjoy reading and get through the 2nd wave in good health.


Prof. Dr. Ulrich Brunner
Editorial stuff bulletin