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Editorial 1 | 2023

Dear readers, dear members

The 3 pillars of patient care, research and teaching are essential structural features not only of university medicine. The economization of medicine and increasing cost pressure, not least the introduction of DRGs, and the different perceptions of the financing of medical institutions between health insurance companies, funding agencies and research associations make these tasks more difficult in terms of optimal medical care for patients at the cutting edge of science and, in particular, do not provide sufficient funding for education and training.

Due to the increasing complexity of medicine, specialization is not only necessary but also sought after by patients. It is often seen as a contradiction to the demands of broad-based care. This specialization can take the form of both horizontal and vertical networking of care structures, which also does justice to the broad training of the next generation. Switching between the different levels of care must therefore be further facilitated in the future.

DVSE is also oriented towards the 3 pillars of patient care, research and teaching.

In this issue, I would therefore like to highlight the educational activities of the Young Forum and the Residents' Forum. The series of Resident Summits is a structured continuing education concept that takes into account the current training regulations. It covers the entire spectrum of shoulder and elbow surgery and is an excellent platform for continuing education in our specialty. The module system can be credited towards certification as a shoulder and elbow surgeon and is repeated every 3 years.

The DVSE Residents's Summit Module C with the topic "Traumatology" will take place in Münster, Germany, from Feb. 24 to Feb. 25, 2023.

The third "DVSE Future Workshop - All about the Elbow", which just ended in Munich, identifies open questions and stimulates students and physicians to deal with the field in a structured way and to get involved in clinical research.
In an event of the young forum in the context of career counseling, different ways of career development on the way to a specialist and afterwards, also to a dissertation or habilitation and to international exchange were pointed out.

In the structural reform of hospitals in 3 levels proposed by Mr. Lauterbach, the proof of a corresponding qualitative care structure plays a decisive role. Only those who can prove this care structure with quality assurance measures will also be able to provide these services. In this respect, our certification system for practices, clinics and centers, which makes process and structural quality visible and transparent, will play an important role.

This issue of the newsletter therefore includes contributions on new aspects of person certification by Ben Ockert, on the DVSE Future Workshop by Sebastian Lappen, and an invitation to the ICSES in Rome in September. Supplemented as always by an article from our in-house counsel Tobias Weimar on the new spousal representation law.

We hope you enjoy reading this issue of the DVSE Bulletin Prof. Dr. U. Brunner.
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