Commission Training | Certificate

Felix Zeitfang
Prof. Dr. med. Felix Zeifang


Prof. Dr. med. Felix Zeifang | Heidelberg

Vice Chair:


Dr. med. Matthias Königshausen | Bochum
Prof. Dr. med. Lars Lehmann | Karlsruhe
Dr. med. Michael Maier | Heidelberg
PD Dr. med. habil. Thilo Patzer | Düsseldorf
Dr. med. Boris Sowa | Heidelberg
Prof. Dr. med. habil. Thomas Tischer | Rostock
Dr. med. Birgit Werner | Neustadt/Saale


Evaluation of courses; Development and promotion of the certificate; Development and promotion of independent DVSE courses; Development of training materials; Organization of symposia and courses within the framework of the annual congress of cooperating national societies; Implementation and extension of the "Online-Toosl" to the web-assisted application for the DVSE certificate