Commission Elbow


Prof. Dr. med. Philip Kasten | Tübingen

Vice Chair:
PD Dr. med Klaus Burkhart | Pforzheim

The differentiated treatment of the elbow faces an unbroken interest in Germany. An improved understanding of the pathomechanisms and of the anatomy of the elbow as well as better surgical techniques result in better and better treatment of diseases of the elbow joint elbow. A clear increase in elbow surgery rates is reflected in Germany. Within Europe we have a special position, which we would like to maintain.

In parallel to improved training of our members, the committee has launched and accompanied an enormous number of retrospective but also high-quality prospective, partly also randomized studies. Over the past three years, we have included approximately 600 patients! This is particularly important in order to constantly review and optimize our decision-making processes (conservative or operative) as well as the current surgical techniques. Since there is still a lot of room for objective data in the area of ​​elbow surgery, this will continue to be a focus of our very active group.


The following studies are currently running

  1. Complications after radial head fractures: Cologne (Wegmann / Hackl / Müller): 336 cases were collected. This study is close to completion (target: n = 350-400)
  2. Epicondylitis humeri radialis: Tübingen / Dresden (Kasten / Nowotny): Study is progressing well, currently 43 patients were included. 20 (20% dropout) cases must still be included
  3. ASK Arthrolysis: Bad Neustadt (Burkhart) The target size of 100 patients will be reached soon
  4. Elbow endoprosthesis register: Bad Neustadt (Burkhart): 39 primary and 17 revision cases recorded so far

The following studies are planned

  1. Ligamentary elbow dislocation

    Significance of the MRI during dislocation: Ludwigshafen (Gühring, Schnetzke): MRI findings are to be correlated with fluoroscopy after closed reduction and intra-operative findings: exact study design has yet to be established.
    Does the refixation of the ventral capsule affect the outcome? Dresden (Nowotny)

  2. Evaluation of the Pfronten algorithm for the therapy of lateral epicondylopathy: Pfronten (Schoch)
  3. Luxations in infants: Bad Neustadt (Burkhart) and Bochum (Seybold)

In addition to the studies, another focus is the elaboration of criteria for the implementation of the MRI of the elbow. This is particularly important because of the increasing use of MRI in instability diagnostics. On the suggestion of Andreas Lenich and Sebastian Siebenlist an open working group is to be formed.

The treatment of acute ligament dislocation is currently a field of intense discussion: the opinions range from diagnostic arthroscopy and band stabilization to primary conservative therapy. In order to present the state of the current literature on behalf of the DVSE, a new working group "Treatment recommendations for acute dislocation", headed by Sebastian Siebenlist, will be established in collaboration with the committee guidelines (Lehmann). All interested parties can participate in the working group.

Best greetings "and elbow on",
Philip Kasten and Klaus Burkhart

Membership contributions

PD Dr. med. Stefan Greiner | Regensburg
Dr. med. Christian Gerhard | Berlin
Dr. med. Boris Hollinger | Pforzheim
Dr. med. Andreas Lenich | München
Prof. Dr. med. Lars-Peter Müller | Köln
Dr. med. Kay Schmidt-Horlohé | Frankfurt/Main



PD Dr. med. Atesch Ateschrang l Tübingen
Dr. med. Alexander Ellwein l Hannover
PD Dr. med. Bilal Farouk El-Zayat | Marburg
Dr. med. Sven-Oliver Dietz | Mainz
Dr. med. Michael Geyer | Pfronten
PD Dr. med. Thorsten Gühring | Ludwigshafen
Dr. med. Florian Haasters | München
Dr. med. Michael Hackl | Köln
Dr. med. Jörg Jäger | Freiburg
PD Dr. med. Pascal Jungbluth | Düsseldorf
Dr. med. Jörg Nowotny | Dresden
Dr. med. Theodor Patsalis | Wuppertal
Dr. med. Marc Schnetzke | Ludwigshafen
Dr. med. Dominik Seybold | Bochum
Dr. med. Sebastian Siebenlist | München
Dr. med. Christian Schoch | Pfronten
Dr. med. Jörg Weber | Rostock
Dr. med. Kilian Wegmann | Köln


Former members, now guests

Dr. med. Sven Lichtenberg | Heidelberg
Prof. Dr. med. Helmut Lill | Hannover
Prof. Dr. med. Wolfgang Schneiders l Dresden
PD Dr. med. Jens Dargel l Köln
Dr. med. Carsten Raab l Duisburg

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