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The student panel of the DVSE is an association of students from Germany and Austria interested in shoulder and elbow surgery. It was founded in 2010 by intrigued students and has been led by students ever since. The membership (10€/year) enables working scientifically and clinically even before the beginning of our occupation as physicians. Thus, we have previous knowledge which we can benefit from. As part of the student panel we are also able to participate in the multicenter studies of the DVSE as well as initiate studies from our own. On top of that, we have relieved access to the annual conference of the DVSE and an online-access to its journal “ObEx” (Obere Extremität). Thanks to many shoulder and elbow surgeons generous support we are permitted to visit workshops on a regular basis. There we can widen our knowledge about shoulder and elbow surgery and train our skills, e.g. to operate with an arthroscope. For more information take a look at the subitem “Membership”.


We are thrilled about each dedicated student who wants to gain some experience in both research as well as clinical work. If you are interested in that, fill out the forms and be part of our association. If you have any question please contact Anna Krukenberg (


Annual congress

The annual conference of the DVSE is taking place each year. Therefore all members of the student panel come together as well. Thanks to the amazing support from the DVSE, we benefit from this event in more than one way. We can attend all lectures and workshops and have two own sessions: one scientific session where students have the opportunity to e.g. give a lecture about their doctoral thesis and one workshop with varying topics e.g. “Evidence based medicine”. Read more »

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